February 26, 2024

A Portable Fire Fighting Pump Is a Vital Component of Fire Protection Systems

A fire fighting pump is a vital component of many water-based fire suppression systems, providing the high-pressure water required to activate them. It increases the flow and pressure (measured in psi and bar) of an existing water source to meet the hydraulic design requirements of the fire protection system.

Fire pumps are designed explicitly for firefighting applications and must comply with stringent NFPA regulations. They are available in a variety of sizes and capacities to serve a wide range of property needs. Whether you need to enhance the flow and pressure of your sprinklers or hydrants, or you want a portable option for emergency situations, JME offers a wide selection of fire fighting pumps.

Our selection of fire fighting pumps includes both petrol and diesel options, each capable of producing a large volume of water at high levels of pressure. They are easy to operate and feature a simple electric start, meaning they can be ready for use in seconds when the need arises. These models are available in various sizes, capacities and nozzle connections to suit your specific firefighting needs.

Typically, they are single-stage volute casing pumps or double-suction radial flow pumps with a single high-speed impeller drive. They extract fire-fighting water from tanks, fire water ponds, rivers or lakes and are designed for a continuous operation during the firefighting process. They are characterized by a long service life, low energy consumption, reliable start-up and fast ramp-up to full pump power output also after prolonged standstill.

The type of fire pump you need depends on the size and complexity of your fire protection system as well as the availability of water sources. We carry an extensive line of centrifugal and suction-type fire pumps that are suitable for a broad range of systems. Centrifugal pumps develop their water pressure by generating a spinning action with the passage of flow through the suction inlet into the center of an impeller. The centrifugal force drives the water to the rim of the cylinder and out through the discharge port. These pumps are usually limited to maximum capacity of 1,500 gpm (5,678 L/min) and can be used with either an electric driver or diesel driver.

Suction-type fire pumps, on the other hand, take in water through a perpendicular suction inlet and then pass it through an impeller to create a vacuum. This results in higher flow rates, but lower pressures compared to the centrifugal fire pump. They are mainly used for firefighting water and foam systems. portable fire fighting pump

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