September 27, 2023

All About Diamond Rings

The Greek word Adamas for ‘unbreakable’ renders its name to arguably the most popular stone in human society, diamond. In short, the aura around a diamond is unbreakable, just like itself, the strength that makes it the hardest substance known. The biggest of diamonds e.g. Kohinoor draw thousands to the museums where they are at display. Rarely does it happen that so many virtues impart their brilliance to one substance. No wonder, a diamond ring often is the most beautiful gift and the symbol of human bonding.

Diamond rings often are second in beauty only to the fingers that they adorn. Kings over various eras, and now the socially elite, don’t dare to choose anything else when it comes to proposing the lady of their life. Diamond rings perhaps signify the desired strength of the relationship and the purity and beauty of the person to whom it is being gifted. Some of them are ordered months in advance and need exquisite skill and utmost patience to render the perfection that they symbolize so much. Part of their charm and value is because of the scarcity of the men who could conjure such beauty from stones drilled out of the depths of earth’s crust.

The million reflecting faces of a diamond and the clarity that denies home to any impurity is what finally makes them beautiful. Nothing can be more amazing than the sight of the way diamonds open up a single ray of sunlight into multitude of colors, like a mini rainbow captured in small palms. It isn’t hard to imagine why a diamond ring is desired so much by many, and why carats which are just fraction of milligrams mean so much to diamond merchants.

Diamond ring has also had its own share of history. Diamond particles could be fatal if consumed and have been part of folklore where women have consumed the diamond in their ring to avoid insult, humiliation or being taken away by invading forces. Diamond rings are no more the friends of queen’s fingers and many women in the modern society, especially those in the glamour world love to display the crystals on their fingers sometimes sparking crazy media speculation about their relationship status.

Diamond rings are often advertised subtly in ads where colors are conspicuously absent and everything is in black and white, until a ray flirts with the stone and produces the most visual spectacle of colors that can ever be imagined. Nothing hence is more beautifully named like the cuts of diamond are which could be called brilliant cut, princess cut etc. Although, diamond rings are associated with feminine grace and wearing it makes a woman feel like a princess, paintings and legends talk about kings with large diamond rings signifying might. After all strength and beauty are beyond gender. diamond painting eigenes foto

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