February 26, 2024

Avon-On-The-Lake Butterfly Garden and Benton Lake Conservancy

When Laura Curry, a high school senior in Bay Village, Illinois, approached the Avon-on-the-Lake Garden Club about creating a butterfly garden in a park on Walker Road, she never expected it to become such a popular attraction. The garden was planted with a variety of plants that attract pollinators. A pollinator interpretive sign was included to help visitors identify the flowers and shrubs. The garden is also a gold star project for the Girl Scouts who adopted it as part of their Gold Star Award.

Avon-on-the-Lake Lake Garden (2017)

For more than 100 years, the Lake Garden has served as a place where residents of Avon-on-the-Lake can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful outdoor environment. The garden is home to a number of native plants and offers many activities that people can enjoy together. Whether you’re an aspiring nature photographer, a fitness junkie, or a proud pet owner, there is something for everyone at the Lake Garden!

Avon-on-the-Lake Butterfly Garden (2017)

The Avon-on-the-Lake garden club created this pollinator garden to promote, attract, and sustain the Monarch population. The garden consists of a variety of plants that can be used as a way station for Monarchs during their long migration through the Midwest. They include whorled and swamp milk weeds, Blazing Star, Butterfly Weed, Black-eyed Susans, New England Aster, Purple Cone Flower, Joe Pye, and False Indigo (Blue Baptista).

Benton Lake Garden (2007)

This garden is located across the street from Benton Lake in Cologne, Illinois. It has a large variety of native trees and shrubs that provide an array of habitat for wildlife. The landscape is also a rain garden, which uses plants to filter runoff from the lake and improves water quality in the surrounding community.

Benton Lake Conservancy (2009)

The lake garden is an important part of the ongoing efforts to restore and beautify the area around Benton Lake. It has been the center of attention for several recent events, including a visit by members of the newly formed Victoria Garden Club and an upcoming event to benefit the Cologne Community Fund.

One of the most exciting aspects of the lakefront garden is the ability to extend it out into the water. Planting hardstem bulrush and pondweeds below the waterline provides habitat for fish, birds, and other animals. It is also a great opportunity to add a bit of color and texture to your lakefront garden.

Benton Lake Hosta Hillside (2007)

The hillside of the lake garden features more than 700 cultivars of hosta that range in foliage colors, textures and sizes. During the spring, this garden provides a vibrant display of blooms.

Benton Lake Rain Garden (2009)

The rain garden at Benton Lake is a great way to help improve the lake’s water quality and attract native plants. It is also a place for people to relax, get their feet wet, and appreciate the beauty of the natural landscape.

The lake garden is a wonderful place to reconnect with nature, to learn more about the local area, and to have fun with friends and family. The lake garden is also a great place to spend time on your own. It has benches and seating areas that can be enjoyed as a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. lakegarden residences

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