February 26, 2024

Best Selling Purses Review

One aspect of dressing up that is fun for a girl is her purse. Purses can compliment an outfit or a jacket and can come in so many shapes, sizes and textures. Some people include their purse as part of their fashion statement. They might have a favorite brand that they like or a particular size and pattern that they love. While a girl, might have just one purse at a time that she totes around, some people will have several; some for the evening, casual, business and a few fun bags to carry around.

The business of purses is a big one for the retail world. Women are continuously changing purses and they can sometimes follow a trend pattern. Where some seasons it is in style to wear a huge purse while in other seasons it is in style to lug around small ones. Women seem to follow the trend where ever the purse will take them. This is an important gadget for any woman, as her purse will hold her phone, wallet, sunglasses and everything else important for her during her day and night routine.

There are several popular names for purse buyers. Nine West for example sells purses that can sometimes be matched to their shoes or accessories. They can be flirty, sleek, elegant, and casual and business minded. There is the Nine West Party Girl bag that is small in size with an elegant chain strap and comes in gold, black or mauve printed fabric.

Guess is a popular name brand for women`s purses. They are known for having their big logo printed on the front of their hand bags. They come in many colors and fabrics and many women love accessorizing them with other aspects to their outfit. The Guess Jacko is a small sachet with pal brushed gold toned hardware and tumbled pebble vinyl exterior. The Boutique Tote is a small purse that has two chain straps and is open at the top with a snap fixture for closing. It has a polished silver tone and a kiss lock front pocket.

Michael Kors has been making and designing purses for almost two decades. He has a bag called the Astor suede that is soft light blue, or purple or comes in beige. It has nickel stud accents and leather trim. He also makes a purse called the O.C metallic east and west flap bag. It is elegant and metallic platinum leather in an envelope style. This bag is designed for evening wear and has silver accents. The Hutch suede flap bag comes in lime, blue and sand plush. It has glamorous metallic accents with matching straps and an outside pouch with pockets and net fitting overlay.

When you`re looking for a new purse check out the internet and magazines to see what is new and trendy. You can also see what celebrities are into and try to follow the same look. Many styles can be copied in other brands or you can try to find the same brand that your favorite star was sporting around. If you are not into trendy purses you can simply decide what size of bag you need and go from there. Big purses will hold everything but can sometimes be heavy around the arm and shoulder, while small purses are light they can be a pain to fit things into and can sometimes fall off the arm too easily making it frustrating. michael kors tote bag

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