February 26, 2024

Build Customer Loyalty With Virtual Makeup Try Ons

A virtual makeup try on is a fun and easy way for consumers to discover the look of various makeup products without having to spend time or money visiting a physical store. It can also be a great way for brands to build customer loyalty and engagement.

Increasingly, customers want to try beauty products on before they purchase them, which is why virtual makeup try ons are becoming more popular with consumers. Unlike in-store testing, where brands can only show one color, virtual tools allow users to try different shades and colors on their face, which improves satisfaction levels and reduces returns.

To ensure that virtual makeup try-ons are as accurate as possible, brands need to accurately scan and overlay the proper product on each user’s skin tone. Our SDK enables this through the use of powerful neural networks that are trained to recognize the most complex facial landmarks, such as lips and hair, while applying the correct color at the pixel-perfect level on any skin color.

The beauty industry is moving towards mobile-first e-commerce strategies that leverage augmented reality and other digital tools to enhance the overall customer experience. Whether on the e-commerce website, app or in-store on a special “smart mirror” device, augmented reality helps beauty brands deliver true-to-life experiences that make customers fall in love with the product and the brand all over again.

In a time where in-store sales have plummeted, brands need to provide their customers with the most realistic shopping experience possible. That’s why our virtual try on solution can be easily integrated into any e-commerce platform, as well as in-store on smart mirrors and mobile devices.

With a split-screen feature, virtual makeup try ons let users test out products on only half of their face, which is helpful for understanding the difference between shades and determining what looks best for their skin tone. It can also be a great tool for newbies to the world of makeup, as it lets them explore various looks before deciding which one works for them.

A virtual makeup try on also allows brands to create a fully personalized experience for their customers, which is key for building trust and brand loyalty. Creating a custom makeup app gives your customers the opportunity to try on their favorite products any time, anywhere, and at any point in the purchase cycle. This can lead to more loyal consumers and increased revenue.

Our patented technology makes it simple for brands to launch an augmented reality makeup try on that will be intuitive and engaging to all of their customers. We can integrate the solution into your e-commerce website, mobile app or even in-store on a special “smart” mirror to deliver an immersive makeup experience that your customers will be sure to love.

To get started with virtual makeup try ons, simply select your preferred makeup look and select a camera or photo to upload from your gallery to apply your make up. Our precise face tracking technology enables the camera to recognize your face and apply the makeup instantly. You can then customize your look, and if you don’t like what you see, the app can help you adjust your look by manually adjusting the points where you need to change your makeup. virtual makeup

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