September 24, 2023

Cold Drawing Machines From HOREN

Cold drawing is a process that shapes rods, bars and tubes with a narrower diameter and higher wall thickness than are possible through hot extrusion. The main advantage of this type of process is that it enables metals to be drawn without melting and thus without the loss of strength or ductility associated with heating by conventional annealing. Cold-drawn products also have better dimensional accuracy and surface finish than those produced by rolling, and may be used in applications that require strict tolerances and tight dimensions, such as aerospace components or medical devices.

A cold drawing machine uses a series of dies to gradually reduce the size of a rod or bar. This can be accomplished through a single reduction in diameter by successively decreasing the size of each die, or by progressive re-sizing on multiple draw benches. A chain-type drawbench is commonly used for re-sizing workpieces that cannot be coiled, and is capable of reducing rod or bar diameters up to 30 m (98 ft).

The energy required for the cold drawing process depends on the diameter-to-thickness ratio of the material being drawn. The optimum drawing conditions must be established for each individual alloy in order to maximize the efficiency of the process. In addition to the variables that are specific to each material, the performance of a cold drawing machine is affected by technological parameters such as the drawing speed and route. It is therefore important to study the influence of these factors on the energy and power parameters of the drawing process in order to improve the design of draw routes.

HOREN offers a range of cold drawing machines suitable for a wide variety of applications, including tube and bar drawing, as well as wire drawing. The models are built on a heavy duty, high quality frame with cast-in-place concrete to ensure long service life and a low noise level. The machines are equipped with a feeding table, receiving tank frame, push rod device, core rod lifting platform, mandrels front and back adjusting device, drawing drum and die box, main drive device, discharge conveying chain device, and automatic collecting rack for finished tube.

The HOREN range of cold drawing machines includes models suitable for small- to medium-volume applications, as well as large volume production lines. The design of the machine allows for easy modification to suit a wide range of production requirements. For example, the bobbin winders, coilers, and binders can be modified to accommodate the requirements of different tube sizes and shapes. Similarly, the feed and discharge pumps can be adjusted to meet the requirements of a particular production line. This flexibility means that our cold drawing machines are an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications in the metal fabrication industry. The sizing machines are available in either an electric or pneumatic drive, and both options can be used with a range of different draw dies. In addition, the sizing machine can be fitted with a high-speed hydraulic cylinder for additional power when needed.

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