February 26, 2024

Cultural Diversity in Miams, Florida

After living in Miams for 8 years, I’ve learned that despite Florida’s reputation for stretches of white sand beaches, Miami’s rich cultural diversity is what truly sets the city apart. From Cuba and Mexico to Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, the influence of these cultures can be found in every aspect of life in the Magic City.

As you get ready to move to the Sunshine State, you’ll have to adjust your expectations. While many Americans move to Miami for its relaxed culture, the laid-back vibe can also mean that things don’t run as efficiently as in other US cities. So don’t be surprised if your morning coffee takes longer than usual or if you find yourself 15 minutes late to work.

This beautiful park is home to more than 300 species of plants and animals, including a large variety of bird, fish, and reptiles. There is a marina with boating and fishing, a snack bar, trails, and more.

The largest dog park in the region, this off-leash area has 11 acres for dogs to run and play. They’ll enjoy different play fields, shade, and agility zones. The park also hosts special events throughout the year.

Located in Miami Whitewater Forest, this nature center offers hands-on experiences and educational programs to help people understand and appreciate the environment. It also provides seed and fish for conservation projects.

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