March 2, 2024

Custom Grip Socks

Custom grip socks are worn by athletes in team sports or those who are pushing their physical fitness to new limits. The socks have fine silicone arrows that generate a grip to prevent movement inside the shoe, thus improving stability and reducing risk of slips and falls.

The socks are also breathable, so they prevent foot sweat that would otherwise cause the feet to rub against each other and produce blisters. This is especially important for football players who endure grueling training sessions in the summer heat, monsoon pitter-patter or frigid winter conditions.

A recent study examined whether grip socks reduced in-shoe foot displacement and improved change of direction performance in team sport players. The results of the study showed that using grip socks significantly reduced the time it took to stop the foot from decelerating, and that there was a trend for the change of direction time to be faster with the use of grip socks.

These performance socks are available in a range of sizes and colors, and you can even add your logo to make them unique for your business. Each order is manufactured to order, and you will receive a mockup illustration prior to production. If you want to alter the design, for example to re-align your logo or resize it to make it grip tread friendly, we will send it back for your approval before production. custom grip socks

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