February 26, 2024

Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory is the most popular home improvement with UK residential clients.

Its popularity is due to its attractive appearance that also provides the maximum practical, usable extra living space.

The design is based on the Edwardian architectural style popular during the reign of Edward VII from 1901 to 1914, considerably less fussy and ornate than the preceding Victorian style.

Many Edwardian buildings were square or rectangular in footprint, with pillars at the corners and a pitched roof, giving them a clean, solid appearance.

Edwardian conservatories takes the modern desire to add a cost-effective additional room and incorporates those basic Edwardian architectural features so Edwardian conservatories are always square or rectangular and has a pitched roof, typically at a 25 degree angle.

Edwardian Ridge The highest point of the conservatory is a central roof ridge that runs from the abutment of the conservatory to the house. To keep the 3 roof elevations at the same pitch the ridge length is calculated as the projection minus half the width, so clearly a very wide Edwardian conservatory will have a relatively short ridge. The ridge can feature a decorative external finish with crestings and a finial, designed mainly for cosmetic reasons but with the additional benefit of preventing birds sitting on the ridge, and leaving their droppings all over the roof glass.

Edwardian Conservatory Materials The most popular materials for the side frames is uPVC, the main benefit of which is its low maintenance requirement. Recently there has been a great increase in the number of decorative uPVC options. White is still the most popular, but there are 2 woodgrains, oak and rosewood, and an unlimited number of painted options. Side frames can also be manufactured from hardwood, although this is the most costly option. Typically an Edwardian conservatory roofing system is manufactured from structural aluminum, which is then cladded in uPVC. For the peace of mind of everyone concerned an Edwardian conservatory roofing system should be properly structurally proven, specifically for the design and property on to which it is to be installed, and should conform to the relevant standard which in the UK is BS 6399.

Roof sheets can be either polycarbonate sheeting or glass, however of course polycarbonate sheeting was not available during Edwardian times and consequently glass is a much more authentic product to use as the roof sheets, as well as having a potentially superior performance depending on the glass specification chosen. Recent advances in nanocoating technology for glass has dramatically improved the heat retention performance of glass, so special care needs to be taken with the glass specification if the room is to be utilized all year round.

Edwardian Design Features In addition to the basic design a number of finer features can be added to the specification. Pilasters are large reinforced corner pillars, which reinforce the Edwardian design style, as well as adding to the solid look of the conservatory. Internal eaves trim can be added that also adds to the Edwardian architectural look. External cornice can be added to the external eaves, which when combined with the pilasters gives that classy, solid Edwardian appearance. tiled conservatory roof

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