December 6, 2023

Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Ball Valves – Positioner

Explosion Proof Stainless Steel Ball Valves – Positioner Our explosion proof ANSI 150# and 300# stainless steel valves are equipped with EPDM, Viton, or metal to metal seats. They are available in a full lug or semi-lug body design and can be mounted on a manual handwheel, manual multi-turn gear, pneumatic cylinder or electric actuator.

Pneumatic double acting actuators switch air supply pressure between the two internal ports, one to drive the valve open and the other to drive it closed. The valves are then held by internally loaded springs that return them to their original position when the actuator stops moving.

The valves are rated for a maximum of 1000 PSI (6.4MPa) making them suitable for most applications. All wetted parts are manufactured from long lasting 316 Stainless Steel while the non-wetted parts are 304 Stainless Steel. The seals are also made from Teflon commonly called PTFE.

Our Class 1, Division 1 explosion proof smart valve positioner is a 4-20mA @ 24VDC unit with linear or rotary operation. The cams are serrated and locked together for security and the unit is a heavy duty aluminum die cast with a powder coated finish.

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