February 26, 2024

Few Unique Ways to Spend Boxing Day 2021

Boxing Day is celebrated annually on the day after Christmas,Guest Posting in some countries that have a root connection to the United Kingdom and a few European countries as well. Even though the day was originally manifested for giving gifts to the poor, it is now seen as a recreational holiday. Numerous events and celebrations unfold and people tend to shop big on this special occasion. If you’re feeling tired from the celebrations of Xmas Day and are looking to spend this day in a calm environment but also want   to feel the buzz of it, the following article could help you.

Harbour Cruise, Sydney

Sydney Harbour is famous for its astounding reserve of boats and cruises and the water activities in and around it. The cruises are the star attraction in these parts due to its breathtaking waterfront dining experience. Boxing Day invites a lot of tourists and travellers to the harbour for many festivities including the famous Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The Boxing Day cruise offer exciting visuals of the start of the race along with a

great dining experience. Hop on an authentic paddlewheeler to experience the vibe of the start of the yacht race along with a chef selected buffet which is prepared freshly onboard. This three hour cruise has fully air-conditioned interiors with a wrap-around verandah and theatre style seating. You can also see the famous Sydney landmarks including the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The cruise comes with a fully licensed bar where you can purchase Australian beverages and drinks. The cruise captain always does the maximum in providing the best location to view the start of the race, so get aboard the Boxing Day Sydney Harbour cruise for a memorable occasion.

Other activities to do for Boxing Day

Many historic sporting events have been held on Boxing Day. Australia’s finest international cricket team hosts the famous test match on the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The match is usually played for four or five days and most Australians never miss this special event which has seen the home team triumph more frequently. If you don’t want to get in the sun,you can always visit a local sports bar and meet some new friends to talk about the sport while the game is screened live.

Boxing Day was traditionally about gifting the poor. If you’re not looking to celebrate in festive spirits, the one thing you can do is volunteer. Get to the streets and volunteer, give a gift to the needy and help out a noble cause. This is a great way to embrace the true nature of this special day. You can always volunteer at the children’s charities or soup kitchens. There are loads of worthy causes that will need your help.

There’s no better time to pump the adrenaline and do the items in your ultimate bucket list than on Boxing day. Take a leap of faith with Tandem skydiving around Sydney’s famous locations. This is an excellent way to awaken from the post-Christmas slump and if you’re a Sydneysider you don’t need to go as far, as you can skydive in Wollongong, Newcastle and Hunter Valley. The qualified personnels are highly-trained and use the latest safety features that will most certainly guarantee your safety. Another great outdoor activity is the Black Ops Helicopter Mission that will take you to the skies for an extreme helicopter adventure. You will take off on a legendary private helicopter and soar over Sydney’s skyline and enjoy the unique views of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Bondi, Botany Bay and many more. This is your perfect opportunity to live out your favourite cinematic scenarios in this doors-off helicopter at speeds of over 240km/h. Träning MMA

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