February 26, 2024

Getting the Best SUP Rental Boards For Your Outer Banks Adventures

The beautiful waters of the Outer Banks are a prime location to take up stand-up paddle boarding, or SUPing. It’s an easy and accessible water sport that almost anyone can try, regardless of age or fitness level. It’s also a great way to get some exercise and have a good time on the water.

Getting a quality rental board is an essential part of the experience. There are a number of different options to consider when choosing what boards to offer your customers, including inflatables, hard, and hybrid constructions. Inflatable paddle boards, or iSUPs, are often thought to be fragile by non-paddlers, but they’re actually quite durable and can handle bumps and bruises with ease.

Red Paddle Co has a great range of iSUPs to suit all types of customers, from beginners to experts. The most popular model is the Ride 10’6, which suits 90% of customers, and is a fantastic choice for rentals because it’s suitable for both adults and kids. The Ride L (14’) and XL (17’) models are also great for rentals, as they can accommodate more adults comfortably.

In addition to an array of paddle boards, you’ll also need accessories such as leashes and personal flotation devices. A paddle board leash keeps the board close to a renter, and it’s an important safety feature to use in oceans and rivers where the current is strong. Paddle board fins are another accessory that’s worth having, as they improve speed and help a renter maintain balance on the board. sup rental

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