December 6, 2023

Getting the Most Out of Your Camper AC This Summer

If you’re an RVer that goes on long camping trips or spends time in your rig full-time, then you probably know that your camper ac plays a big role in keeping things cool while you’re out and about. But there’s still a lot that you might not be aware of about your rig’s AC unit that can help you get the most out of it this summer.

The most popular type of RV air conditioner is the rooftop unit. This is because these units often boast the largest cooling capacity of all, and they don’t require you to give up any interior space. Additionally, rooftop units are available in both ducted and non-ducted designs, so you can choose what’s right for your RV.

Lastly, rooftop units are easy to install. All you need to do is unfasten and remove the roof shroud, unscrew the larger bolts on the inside of your RV, and then mount and screw in your new RV air conditioner using the second set of mounting bolts. After that, you’ll need to check the refrigerant level and add more if needed.

If you’re looking for an even easier way to keep your rig cool, you might want to consider a window AC unit. These are relatively affordable and simple to install, but they might not be the best option for you if you plan on driving with your camper while it’s in motion. Window AC units also tend to take up floor space that you might prefer to keep free for other purposes. norcold cooling units

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