March 2, 2024

Good Night Quotes For Her and For Him

good night quotes are a great way to let someone you care about know that you’re thinking about them as they drift into sleep. Whether you’re sending them on Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest or Instagram, this kind of message shows that you’re looking out for them and that they are in your heart.

It’s a small thing, but it can really make someone feel loved and appreciated when they see a thoughtful message like that come through their phone screen as they go to sleep. And especially if they’ve had a rough day, a sweet goodnight message from a friend can be the one bright spot that makes them smile as the sun goes down.

So take a look at this selection of the best goodnight quotes for her and for him and send them to your family members and friends to show them that you’re thinking about them as they fall asleep. Hopefully these words will help them sleep well, and that they’ll dream of wonderful things in the morning. These quotes are also a great option for bedtime journaling or for just reading if you’re having trouble getting to sleep. So enjoy!

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