December 6, 2023

How to Make Someone Obsessed With You

Whether you’re trying to rekindle feelings for an ex, or spice up your love life with a new partner, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of magic. But before you start casting your spells, be sure to think carefully about what kind of outcome you’re looking for. Love obsession spells can be a powerful tool for emotional manipulation. But they should never be used to manipulate someone against their free will. And you should always be aware of the potential blowback from using a spell to make someone obsessed with you.

A how to make someone obsessed with you spell is a type of binding spell that aims to create a strong bond between two people. It usually involves specific herbs, candles, and incantations to create a spell of enchantment. However, some practitioners also incorporate voodoo or black magic to enhance the power of the spell.

The first step in casting a how to make someone obsessed with you spell is to prepare the ingredients. Gather items that symbolize your ideal partner and the qualities you want to attract in a relationship. You may also include some dried herbs like lavender, sage, or rosemary for added healing energy.

Once you’ve collected your ingredients, write your crush’s name three times on a piece of paper. The number three is a symbol of self-expression and wholeness. Then fold the paper over and place it in your honey jar. Repeat the ritual every night for thirty days. As you do so, visualize your crush falling deeply in love with you.

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