September 26, 2023

How to Rock a Streetwear Look

Fashion is evolving, and the casual style known as street wear has grabbed a hold of the market. From the mile-long sneaker lines at Supreme releases to designer logos slapped on everything from T-shirts to sneakers, the phenomenon has caught the attention of established brands across the retail and luxury industry, as well as sportswear labels looking to expand their product line with the addition of streetwear apparel.

The core of street wear is laid-back and relaxed, featuring loose-fitting, often oversized clothing. It is influenced by a variety of cultures, including skate and surf culture, hip hop music, urban culture, 1980s nostalgia, and Japanese street fashion. The style has a wide-reaching appeal, with consumers of all income levels and social statuses buying and wearing the trend.

As a result, many of today’s most successful streetwear brands are rooted in their communities and connected to their consumer base through events, social media, and retail outlets. And when it comes to branding, many streetwear consumers want to know that the brand they’re buying into is authentic and values its community, with 63% of our survey respondents saying that a brand’s legacy is an important factor in their decision-making process.

The best streetwear brands connect with their consumer bases on a personal level, and many of them are founded by artists, designers, and other creators who identify as part of the movement’s culture. In fact, our survey found that musicians have the most credibility among streetwear followers when it comes to style inspiration. More than half of our survey participants named musicians as their top source of influence, ahead of industry insiders and even social-media influencers.

Ultimately, the most successful streetwear brands aren’t just about branding and style; they’re also about doing good work in the world. Many of the young consumers who flock to streetwear brands consider themselves to be socially conscious, with 70% saying they like to purchase from companies that support and promote sustainable practices. And with millennials now the largest demographic of fashion shoppers, it’s more important than ever for brands to connect with their customer base in ways that are relevant and meaningful to them.

For men who want to rock a streetwear look, there are few pieces more classic than a solid-colored polo shirt and jeans. Toss on a pair of sneakers in a bold color to compliment (or contrast) with the polo and you’ve got a head-turning outfit that any stylish fashion fan can get behind.

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