March 2, 2024

How to Select Good Icebreaker Questions for Your Meetings

Good icebreaker questions are not only fun to ask, but they can also help teams bond and develop trust. When employees feel like they belong, it leads to higher job satisfaction and improved collaboration. But not every question is a fit for every group—it’s important to consider the culture and dynamics of each team before selecting an icebreaker activity.

Some icebreaker questions are designed to spark conversation and encourage self-expression, while others are meant to be more reflective. It’s important to balance the two when selecting icebreaker questions, as you don’t want your team members to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Start with questions that are easy to answer, and as the team feels more comfortable, gradually move toward more introspective questions.

A popular icebreaker question asks participants to share one fact about themselves that other people in the group are unlikely to know. These facts can range from the person’s favorite animal to the hobbies they enjoy, such as playing a musical instrument or competing in a chess tournament. Each person then tries to guess who the random fact belongs to before it is revealed.

Other icebreaker questions focus on personal aspirations and goals, such as “What is the biggest accomplishment you’ve achieved in your life?” or “If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?” These are great ways to get to know your team and help them build a sense of psychological safety. If you’re conducting a virtual meeting, use Slido’s live polling feature to let your team members comment and elaborate on their answers. This is a great way to build engagement and increase the speed of your meetings. good ice breaker questions

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