March 2, 2024

How to Spot Authentic Prada Bags

As anyone who spends more than 15 minutes on fashion TikTok can tell you, the aughts were an incredible time for bags, and Prada’s collection is no exception. The brand’s 2007 debut of the Galleria bag was so popular that it quickly earned a place in fashion’s hallowed handbag hall of fame, and has been reintroduced multiple times since. Named for the gilded Milanese shopping arcade that housed Miuccia Prada’s first boutique, the pared-back leather zip-top tote is elegant and timeless. It’s a style that has enduring appeal—it’s already an It-bag staple and has been spotted on the arms of Hailey Bieber, Sofia Richie, and Lori Harvey. This season, the Galleria was reintroduced in a padded Re-Nylon and a coveted crochet iteration woven with Econyl, a novel textile made from recycled ocean plastics, fishing nets, and textile waste.

Another classic is the Tessuto, a double-woven nylon bag that’s been a Prada signature since Miuccia took inspiration from durable parachutes in 1978. The style has an undeniable utilitarian edge that’s easy to wear and suits almost any outfit, but the unconventional shape of the bag also speaks to the rule-bending attitude of the label as a whole.

While it may seem daunting to sift through the sea of fake Prada bags out there (especially with the influx of ’90s-inspired fakes), you can find some real gems by taking a close look at the details. In particular, check for the brand stamp and logo plaque: The enamel in the triangle emblem should match the exterior material exactly, and the ‘MADE IN ITALY’ text should be perfectly straight across. The stitching should be crisp and symmetrical, too, so you shouldn’t see any sloppy zigzags or uneven lines. prada bag

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