September 27, 2023

Indianapolis House Cleaning Services

Many Indianapolis residents find that hiring house Indianapolis cleaning services helps keep their homes neat and tidy. They also find that regular appointments make it easier to get everything done. In between these sessions, the rest of the family can do simple tasks to help keep the space clean. These include making sure all dishes are cleaned and put away after every meal and keeping toys and books stowed in their designated areas. It’s important to practice these habits so the space stays clean and organized until the next appointment.

A licensed, owner-operated enterprise, Alternative Cleaning, Inc. has been serving residential and commercial properties since 1983. The company’s crew members clean carpets, floors, and walls, as well as empty trash cans, wash windows, and vacuum or mop floors. They have worked on properties including auto dealerships, dialysis clinics, and commercial offices. The team offers janitorial, day porter, and pressure washing solutions as well.

Located in Indianapolis, City Wide Facility Solutions serves the sanitation needs of various establishments like auto dealerships and office buildings. Its janitorial team works during the night and during the week, so the businesses can operate uninterruptedly. Their duties include disposing of trash, sanitizing restrooms, vacuuming and wiping floors, removing trash from desks, restocking paper supplies, and dusting high- and low-areas. The team also provides electrostatic spray disinfection to medical offices and other workspaces.

Founded in 2006, Housekeeping Maid Easy serves the cleaning and management needs of residential and Airbnb properties in Indianapolis. Its janitorial services cover bathrooms, kitchens, dining areas, and common areas. Other cleaning options include removing trash, wiping surfaces, sanitizing sinks and toilets, sweeping or mopping floors, vacuuming rugs and furniture, and straightening and organizing lobbies. The firm also offers painting and construction cleanup.

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