March 2, 2024

InSinkErator – What Are the Common Disadvantages of the InSinkErator Disposer?

InSinkErator is a brand that has revolutionised the way that food waste is processed in household kitchens. This is because they have made it easy to liquefy waste down the sink and pass it through the sewage system in a safe and controlled manner, avoiding blockages and keeping kitchens cleaner and more hygienic. The company offers a variety of different models with varying price and power ranges, ensuring that everyone can find the right fit for their home.

However, despite the fact that insinkerator has revolutionised the industry with their disposers, it is important to remember that there are still some negative points about this product. Some of the most common complaints that people have with this product include:

Firstly, some users of this appliance report that it tends to smell bad and may be prone to mold. This is because the disposal flange is often not made of stainless steel but rather a softer plastic material. The flange is also not always securely fixed to the pipe with plumber’s putty, which means that it can easily leak and corrode over time.

Another issue with this product is that it can sometimes produce more noise than other brands. This is because the softer plastic material of the disposal flange causes more vibrations and noise, compared to a metal flange.

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