December 6, 2023

Isracard Phone – Pilot to Allow Credit Card Payments by Cell Phone

Isracard phone is a pilot to allow credit card payments by cell phone, using NFC technology. Customers will receive a wireless sticker or card to place on their phone that can be read at Points of Sale.

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It is easy to use

Isracard phone is the mobile payment app of Israel’s largest credit card company. It works by scanning the chip in a customer’s cell phone and transmitting its data to a reader at the Point of Sale. Its integration with the POS allows customers to pay without taking out their wallet, and it’s easy to use at any merchant. The app also offers useful insights on spending and other activity.

IsraCard is the Israeli clearing house for MasterCard, American Express, and JCB. It also clears vouchers issued by Bank Hapoalim (Isracard’s parent company), which is the country’s largest voucher provider. It is the only card company in Israel that clears multiple voucher brands. The company also owns and operates the local Isracard brand.

Working closely with Isracard’s digital department allowed for a holistic understanding of their current process. It was also important to find ways to improve and shorten it. This was achieved in the multi steps layout, in content structure and micro copy.

Isracard Ltd. provides debit cards and related services. The Company issues and clears various branded debit cards, including Mastercard, American Express, and Visa. Isracard also offers credit and financing services. The Company serves the B2C and B2B market segments. Isracard is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

It is secure

Isracard has an excellent mobile security platform that protects customers from identity theft and credit card fraud. The company has an extensive network of anti-phishing sites, firewalls, and other protections. It also offers secure payment solutions and digital banking products. Its mobile apps allow users to manage their finances and purchase items in stores with just a touch of a button. The Isracard app is also available in several languages.

Moreover, the company’s mobile security platforms are highly encrypted to ensure that personal information is not exposed to hackers or other parties. This is especially important for a company that handles sensitive customer data. In addition to this, the company’s mobile applications meet the PCI DSS standard for information security.

In the pilot, Isracard will issue tens of thousands of customers with a technologically advanced wireless credit card or sticker that attaches to their cell phone, and will enable them to make payments using Mastercard’s contactless system. Customers will be able to pay simply by placing the card or sticker (and in the future their cell phone itself) next to the Point-of-Sale.

Isracard’s mobile applications have high download numbers and good ratings. In addition, they are based in Israel and provide high levels of security. These factors contribute to the high adoption rate of Isracard’s mobile apps.

It is convenient

Isracard will soon offer customers the ability to make credit card payments with their cell phones. The technology uses NFC, which allows a cell phone to transmit data to a point-of-sale terminal. Currently, the technology is in pilot at Super-Pharm stores and Aroma cafes across Israel. Customers will receive a wireless sticker with an NFC chip that can be attached to their phone or a credit card. When they place their sticker or card next to a POS device, the merchant will scan it and process the payment. The stickers will also allow customers to store loyalty points and coupons.

Those who use a smartphone with the service will be able to pay for goods and services at thousands of locations around the country. Using the service will require a compatible mobile network and a smartphone with near field communication (NFC) capability. In addition, users will need a credit card or Bank Hapoalim (TASE: POLI) loyalty card with an Isracard account. The company expects to launch the service in a few weeks.

Isracard is a credit card processing company with more than 100,000 businesses and three million private customers in Israel. The company also offers a range of other financial services, including credit cards and loans. Its subsidiary, Europay, is a provider of financial solutions for businesses and individuals in the Middle East and Africa.

It is affordable

Isracard has announced that it will upgrade Point-of-Sale devices in tens of thousands of stores and cafes across Israel. The upgrade will allow customers to make payments with their cell phone, using the technology of Mastercard’s contactless system. During the pilot, Bank Hapoalim and Lifestyle (Super-Pharm’s loyalty club) customers will receive either a sticker with a chip that can be placed on their cell phone, or a new technologically advanced credit card.

Founded in 1975, Isracard Ltd. operates as a financial services company. The Company offers credit card issuing, clearing, and discounting services for branded debit cards, as well as financial solutions for banks. Isracard provides its services in Israel and internationally. The Company’s subsidiaries include ICC-Cal Ltd., Europay Ltd., Aminit Ltd, and American Express Israel Ltd.

Isracard has many different payment options, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Topcash, and the Isracard app. It also supports a number of transit applications, such as Rav-Pass by HopOn and ANY-WAY by Isracard, which are available through the Moovit app. These apps offer discounts and other benefits, which can help users save money on transportation costs. 144 חיפוש אנשים לפי שם

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