December 6, 2023

Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol – Cytotoxic Effects of Fenbendazole Stage 4 Cancer Treatmentz

The Joe Tippens Cancer Protocol, also known as the fenbendazole stage 4 cancer treatment, is a holistic approach to treating late-stage pancreatic cancer. It is a treatment that uses fenbendazole, an antiparasitic medication used to treat worms, along with a healthy diet and supplements. In the past, several veterinarians have claimed that fenbendazole cures cancer in animals and humans. However, no peer-reviewed studies have found that this deworming medication can cure human cancer.

To test the claims of these veterinarians, researchers studied the cytotoxic effects of two commercially available fenbendazole formulations on seven types of human cancer cells. The fenbendazole was tested using proliferation assays and analytical techniques, such as HPLC, LC-MS and NMR. Dissolution studies were also performed to simulate the ability of the drug to dissolve in the fluids in the gastrointestinal tract, be absorbed in the circulation and reach certain areas of the human body. The results showed that both the commercial Brand P and the commercial Brand S exhibited a cytotoxic effect on human cancer cells. However, the commercial Brand S had a greater cytotoxic effect on the cancer cells.

The fenbendazole, which is also known as methyl [5-(phenylsulfanyl)-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl] carbamate, binds to the beta-tubulin of the cancer cell and disrupts its formation. This causes the cell to break down and die. This mechanism is similar to how some other anti-cancer drugs work, such as the hypoxia-selective nitroheterocyclic cytotoxins and radiosensitizers. In addition, the fenbendazole shows a synergistic effect when used with other chemotherapy agents such as paclitaxel.

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