December 6, 2023

Kill the Cancer – before it kills you!

Sir/Madam”Hollywood has had it with disease,” shouts USA Today in its July 29,Kill the Malignant growth – before it destroys you! Articles 2008 issue concerning VIPs that have promised to vanquish cancer.Just as in everyone, there has been a developing pestilence of disease among famous people and well known individuals, like in the new instances of Patrick Swayze, Cristina Applegate, Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge, Farrah Fawcett, Ted Kennedy, Kylie Minogue, Rudy Giuliani, Spear Armstrong, just to give some examples. Considerably more VIPs have lost friends and family to disease, such as:Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell (who all lost their moms to malignant growth); Paul McCartney (who lost his most memorable spouse, Linda, to bosom malignant growth); CBS anchorperson Katie Couric (who lost her better half to colon malignant growth); American Icon David Cook (who lost his maternal granddad to cellular breakdown in the lungs); Brian Williams of NBC Evening News (who lost his mom tolymphoma and his sister to bosom malignant growth); S. Epatha Merkerson of “The rule of law” (who lost 2 of her absolute dearest companions to cellular breakdown in the lungs) … furthermore, the rundown goes on.Cancer has turned into a lot greater danger to living souls – – and has caused a larger number of passings – – than every one of the conflicts of the world consolidated. In the U.S. alone, at regular intervals, somebody diesfrom disease – – and that is like losing however many individuals as wedid on 9/11 each 2 days.Here’s another inauspicious measurement: Eevery 3 minutes, another person is determined to have malignant growth. Is anyone surprised, then, that VIPs like Jennifer Aniston, America Ferrera, Meryl Streep, Spear Armstrong, Scarlett Johansson, Timberland Whitaker, Hilary Stylish, Charlize Theron and many other huge name famous people united together to stop malignant growth during a one-hour TV extraordinary named “Stand Up 2 Disease?” The pledge drive broadcasted on Friday,September 5, 2008, on every one of the 3 organizations (ABC, CBS and NBC) to raise assets for disease research.The issue with raising assets for malignant growth research is this: The assets at last go towards malignant growth research that doesn’t fix malignant growth. In the 95 years that wellbeing associations like the American Malignant growth Society have been committed to wiping out malignant growth as a significant medical condition, there has been VERY LITTLEPROGRESS made in the relieving of the destructive sickness. All things being equal, the rate of malignant growth has become dramatically over the last hundredyears. A solitary malignant growth gathering pledges crusade, for example, the Avon Stroll for Bosom Disease, for example, brings roughly $150 million up in assets for malignant growth research. A huge number of dollars have beenraised by all the gathering pledges crusades consolidated – but, as per the American Disease Society, there’s as yet a 41% likelihood that an individual, male or female, will foster malignant growth in the course of their life (or kick the bucket from it)!Why have every one of the billions of dollars raised for disease research been Purposeless in restoring cancer?Many individuals, including the Executive of the Malignant growth Counteraction Alliance, Dr. Samuel Epstein, express that the needs of wellbeing associations that case to be committed to finding a disease fix are “monetarily spurred, and reflectconflicts of interests with the drug business, the pesticide business, and the mammography industry.”Another justification for why endeavors at relieving malignant growth have been useless so far is on the grounds that the assets raised have been distributed to raising public consciousness of the benefits of the 3 conventionalcancer treatments – that is, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.And yet, Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini states that as per his surveys and polls, “75% of specialists say they’d decline chemotherapy assuming that they were hit with disease because of its inadequacy and its staggering secondary effects.” as a matter of fact, the clinical diary, “Clinical Oncology,” distributed the consequences of astudy in December 2004, wherein it was shown that chemotherapy has a triumph pace of a little more than 2% for all malignant growths! [That’s a Disappointment pace of 98%!]Therefore, piping research assets towards the progression of inadequate treatments that don’t wipe out the root CAUSEof malignant growth will constantly be a horrible proposition.The truth is, the matter of “restoring” disease – or any sickness, so far as that is concerned – – has turned into an overcomplicated framework that is typically intrusive and costly. Generally, it likewise causes more damage than great – and the “upside” that it doesis restricted to freeing just the Side effects from the illness, and not its CAUSE.But now, there is a basic and regular treatment that is deductively demonstrated to destroy malignant growth – without the requirement for medical procedure, medications or radiation. As a matter of fact, this treatment has beenprescribed and regulated by more than 15,000European specialists, naturopaths and healthpractitioners to recuperate malignant growth as well as most different sicknesses, including Helps, coronary illness, Parkinson’s Infection, Alzheimer’s Infection and diabetes, to name a few.Before I found this treatment, my dad passed on from colon disease in 1999.It was excruciating for him, however perhaps more difficult for us, his family, to look as he squirmed miserably during the most recent a half year of his life. Assuming that you at any point observer somebody you love bite the dust like this, it will change your life perpetually, similarly as it has changed mine.If you believed that experience must’ve been terrible, my bad dream proceeded when, not long after my dad passed on, my sister was blasted with cervical disease; and afterward my mom was determined to have bosom malignant growth. The two of them are going away now on the grounds that their individual tumors were precisely taken out. However, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to expect that their malignant growths would repeat very much like my dad’s disease did following a couple of long stretches of reduction – – and I was worried about the possibility that that they, as well, could kick the bucket similarly as my dad did.This is the reason I’ve been eager in my interest to track down a solution for disease – – to save the existences of my dearest mother and sister. My hunt drove me to find this deductively demonstrated treatment that ended up being considerably more than I was searching for. Elective wellbeing professionals, as well as scientists and specialists, presently can’t seem to find a sickness that doesn’t answer well to this treatment. fenbendazole for cancer

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