September 26, 2023

Laser Range Finders And Hunting

Why should I use a Laser Rangefinder when targeting the big boy’s in the hunting world?

When out in the hunting world the two most important items you should carry (besides your firearm) is a pair of binoculars and a laser rangefinder. The binocular, for spotting the animal you intend to shoot and the rangefinder for determining the proper distance from you to the animal, especially over 250 yards.

When shooting over 250 yards accurate ranging becomes critical if your intent is to kill the animal. The technology of a laser rangefinder can be the ‘long-range’ hunter’s best investment. High power, large caliber rifles shoot heavy bullets that start dropping rapidly after they have traveled 250+ yards. This can mean wounding or totally missing your animal if your sights are not compensated for accurately. The technology behind the laser rangefinder will correct or eliminate any guess work in ranging, assuming you know your weapons capability and how to compensate it for accurate elevation.

Knowing your weapons capability and bullet drop rate at determined distances is the key factor when using the laser rangefinder. If you do not know these two basics, the range finder will be of no use to you. Practice, or target shooting with your weapon is the only way to determine this. Using a laser rangefinder to determine distances when practicing will enable you to know your weapons capability at any distance. You cannot be a consistent shooter by doing the step-off method of ranging as too many factors such as, rain, snow, ground hardness or softness, hills, valleys etc. will affect your ranging capabilities while stepping-off distance. Plus, how are you going to step-off the distance to the elk you are about to shoot? You are not. The laser rangefinder is the only way to go for today’s successful hunter.

In conclusion, to be a successful marksman you have to have the ability to shoot accurately at long distances and hit what you aim at. To hit what you aim at you must know the accurate distance or range from you to the target. To know the accurate range you must have a laser rangefinder. If you do not have one, get one before your next hunting trip and go practice with it and your rifle. A laser rangefinder will only enhance your shooting skills and kills rate. stag party Budapest

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