March 2, 2024

Luminous principle of xenon lamp

With the xenon headlight technology matures,Guest Posting more and more high-end vehicles have been the xenon lamp as standard. If your vehicle is the standard halogen headlights, and you are interested in willing the car to upgrade the lighting system, then I tell you, the modification of the xenon lamp has a more mature work of conversion, it not only will not affect the safety of the vehicle performance, but in the darkness and poor weather to improve active safety. So, you can rest assured.

The automotive HID xenon lamp with traditional halogen lamp, which is a high-pressure discharge lamps, the light-emitting principle is to use positive and negative electrodes to stimulate the xenon with the rare metal reaction luminescence. Careful observation can be found in a small glass ball lamp xenon lamp, which has no filament but filled with xenon and some rare metals, both ends of the two electrodes in a small glass ball. Xenon lamp car 12V power booster to 23kV high voltage, then through an electrode in the glass ball inside the xenon and rare metals, due to high temperatures in the collisional excitation, and with the pressure to make line spectrum broadens to form a band spectrum. Fill a variety of metal halide, you can control the color temperature of the spectrum, usually the HID color temperature can reach 4000 ~ 12000K. After the start of the xenon lamp, the brightness of the 0.8s is 20% of the rated brightness to the brightness of the halogen lamp, 4s less than 80% of the rated brightness. To be light stable ballast output 85V constant voltage for the bulb steady work.

A. High brightness: the xenon lamp output luminous flux of up to 3000lm, halogen headlamps can only output luminous flux 1000lm about.

Two. Good color temperature: ordinary halogen color temperature of about 3000K, night driving is very dim, and xenon lamps are the natural colors of imitation sunlight (quote image parameters), more in line with the human visual experience.

3. Low energy consumption: Under normal circumstances, the halogen power 55/60W about the xenon lamp is rated at 35W. 4. Long life: halogen lamps use a tungsten heating and light, with tungsten using the time of growth and gradually evaporate, due to the xenon lamp using light emitting filament, there is no filament life, so the service life compared with halogen lamps much longer, you can reach 2500 ~ of 3000h.5 Stable performance: Xenon lamps have good stability and continuity, even if a failure occurred, the xenon lamp is also not the extinction, but the light gradually slow down, to mercedes benz dvd player gain time for emergency pull over

First, choose the model of the xenon lamp. The xenon lamp H1, H3, H4, H7, 9004,9005,9006 and so on a variety of models. We can find the model of the light bulb, and then buy the corresponding lights.

Second, select the appropriate color temperature. From a security perspective, the color temperature of headlamps is the best choice in the 4200 ~ 6000K, because of the similar color temperature in between the color of light emitted by the xenon lamp with natural light, but also makes the most comfortable eye color of the light, some of the original The factory standard models of the xenon lamp, the color temperature of light mostly is 4200K. Issued a yellow color temperature of about 3000K xenon lamp light penetration is very strong, used for the fog lights. The color temperature over 6000K Xenon light color white, likely to cause glare, and poor penetration in the rainy weather is not recommended to install. bedside touch lamps

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