March 2, 2024

Made to Measure Suits

Made to measure suits are tailored to your specific measurements, unlike off-the-rack clothes that merely fit the average man. Whether you’re looking to get the look of Savile Row or just want a better fitting suit, online made-to-measure tailors can save you time and money. But with the sheer number of options and different services, finding the right one for you can be a bit daunting.

Some of the bigger brands in the space, such as Indochino and Black Lapel, allow you to take your own measurements with a measuring tape and swatches you can order at home (or at their showrooms). Others, like Proper Cloth, require you to visit a tailor for their full service. They prioritize quality over quantity, offering a tight curation of classic styles with the highest-quality fabrics.

While most online MTM services offer similar basic customizations (such as jacket/sleeve length, waist circumference and chest & shoulder width), the quality of their construction can vary greatly. Look for those that make the alterations to the pattern during the making of your suit, rather than adding them later in a bespoke manner. This ensures that the fit and shape of your garment is accounted for from the start, and helps to avoid unnecessary remaking in the future. This also reduces the amount of fabric that is wasted. Made to measure suits

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