February 27, 2024

Magic Mushroom Kits

Magic mushroom kits are popular with home growers looking for an easy way to cultivate psilocybin-producing mushrooms. These kits contain substrate that has already been colonized by mycelium, and users simply have to mist it regularly during a six- to eight-week growing cycle to produce mushrooms. Several different companies offer a variety of kits, each aimed at a particular type of mushroom.

For example, some grow kits focus on lion’s mane or pink oyster mushrooms, while others are more focused on hallucinogenic truffles. Many of these kits require users to mist the substrate a few times each day, and some even require that you cut an X into the plastic cover of the container so the mycelium can find its own place to settle in and produce mushrooms.

It’s important to work hygienically when working with the substrate inside these grow kits, because mycelium can spread easily from one kit to another. That’s why it’s best to use a different plastic sheet and a clean spray bottle when each time you work with a kit. Also, always sneeze or cough into your elbow or wear a mask to avoid spreading unwanted fungi into the substrate.

It’s important to note that these grow kits do not include the spores necessary to produce mushrooms, which must be purchased separately. Because magic mushroom spores are legally classified as Schedule 1 drugs, attempting to germinate them in these kits can lead to the cultivation of illegal substances.

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