September 27, 2023

Marketing By Video: Harness the Power of YouTube

Many businesses are turning to online marketing to help increase the number of customers for their copmanies. One of the best ways of generating traffic on the internet is video. Marketing by video is often best accomplished by using YouTube to reach one of the largest audiences on the internet.

While everyone is familiar with Google, most people are probably not aware that the second most utilized search engine on the internet is YouTube itself. People commonly go there to get videos that answer their problems. One of the reasons why is that video is a very engaging medium. There are certain things that are much harder to convey in words, such as demonstrating exactly how to do something.

Thus, by marketing by video on YouTube, you are appearing in not only the Google search engine results, but the YouTube results as well. This leads to more exposure for your product. YouTube videos also have the advantage in that when they are displayed in the Google search results, they are highlighted with this huge rectangle with a picture from the video. This makes them stand out prominently on the page, which means that the video is much more likely to get clicked and viewed.

YouTube videos are also much more likely to appear highly in the Google search engine results. This likely is due to the fact that Google owns YouTube and has a vested interest in seeing this site get a lot of traffic. Experts at search engine optimization (SEO) have noticed that many of the very aggressive linking techniques that do not work for ranking web sites any more, such as tons of blog comment links, actually work very well on YouTube sites. Thus SEO costs will usually be much lower for a YouTube video than for a regular website.

A video can also allow you to better develop a relationship with a new potential client. It is hard to develop such a connection through text alone; however, when the viewer sees a person speaking live and can judge their facial expressions, that video can create a better bond of trust. This can be much more effective than the static web pages most of your competitors have.

Another way of effectively marketing by video is to utilize the Google Hangout feature within YouTube. This can be used to stream a live broadcast all over the internet to be people around the globe for free. You can put on a special webinar where potential customers can ask questions and get immediate feedback. This can give you a huge advantage over your competitors. Google Hangout videos actually rank even more easily than YouTube videos as well.

Many entrepreneurs are struggling to figure out the best way to drive traffic to their businesses. One of the most effective ways of getting online visitors is by video marketing your services using YouTube. This will increase your ability to get found online and can help in the process of converting traffic into paying customers. youtube live

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