December 6, 2023

Milestone Cards

When your little one takes their first steps, sleeps through the night or says mama for the first time — you’ll want to remember and share these precious moments. Milestone cards are a great way to do just that. These print cards come with a space on the back for you to write in the date when your baby achieves their milestone.

Designed by the creator of Cake, a maternity and breastfeeding clothing label, these prints are both modern, minimalist and gorgeous. They’re double sided, which means they take up less space in those drawers that are already full of a million baby items! They can also be personalised with your little one’s name.

These cards are designed to help infants and young children recognize words that are very similar or differ in only one phoneme — the smallest unit of speech that can impact the meaning of a word. They include rhyming words and word families that are important in the early development of communication.

This milestone card is an excellent choice for anyone with a blemish on their credit report (such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure) who wants to rebuild their credit history. This is because it is an unsecured credit card, which does not require a security deposit like many other cards for people with bad or no credit do. Additionally, it is a Mastercard, so you can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted.

If you’re interested in getting a milestone credit card, visit our partner’s website to apply.

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