February 27, 2024

Modern Style Kitchen Cabinets

Modern style cabinets emphasize functionality over decoration and are well suited for homeowners who want an open, light space. Clean lines and a neutral palette allow these cabinet colors to blend seamlessly with the counters, backsplash, and flooring for a unified look. Neutrals like gray and white are popular, but homeowners can also opt for warmer tones that take on pastel Pantone hues. Vivid colors like red and green also work in modern kitchens if they are used sparingly to accent transitional areas or create a focal point.

Flat-panel doors with a simple paneling or plain detailing are key to the modern design aesthetic. Smooth-faced wood can be painted to make the most of a neutral color palette or stained for richer color tones that match other kitchen fixtures and accessories. Clean, linear metal pulls are necessary discreet additions to the cabinetry for a modern design that feels uncluttered.

Display cabinets with glass fronts are another option for a modern kitchen. These cabinets are a happy medium between closed and open storage and provide an attractive spot to show off favorite dishware or decorative items. The glass fronts also keep dishes from becoming dusty or cluttered since you can only see what’s inside each drawer or shelf at a time.

For a more streamlined cabinetry look, consider push-to-open doors that eliminate the need for latches and handles for an almost invisible effect. These European-inspired innovations are a sleek alternative to traditional cabinetry that can be used in any kitchen design. modern style kitchen cabinets

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