September 26, 2023

Omnivoid XR – Expanding the Horizon in Augmented and Mixed Reality (AR/VR)

After the initial hype and subsequent disillusionment surrounding virtual reality, the industry is now shifting again to a more practical approach focused on augmented/mixed reality. Nevertheless, the XR landscape continues to evolve, and as generational factors, device optimization, innovation acceleration, and project partnerships progress, so should widespread immersive technology adoption.

For example, in this week alone major tech firms like Google and T-Mobile continued to bolster the XR landscape with significant project partnerships. In particular, T-Mobile announced an innovative 5G carrier aggregation service that optimizes various networking channels into one, creating a data “super highway” for faster, more stable connections. This is important for XR applications that involve large amounts of streaming video content.

Similarly, Google announced its new Metaverse platform, which will enable users to navigate and interact with digital objects in a metaverse environment. This will allow users to access a variety of services, including social media, commerce, education, gaming, and more. It is expected to be available in 2024, and is designed to provide a secure, trusted, and scalable platform for developers to create immersive experiences that will be accessible on all types of devices.

The Metaverse will also serve as a hub for immersive applications, allowing users to share their experiences with others in real-time. This will further drive user engagement, and as the Metaverse grows in popularity, so too will the demand for new immersive technologies.

Omnivoid xr is a software development company that is on a mission to fill the tech void by offering a central family of OmniVoid products as well as engineering custom software solutions for their clients. The company is staffed by a team of Ivy-league engineers and innovators with backgrounds in AI and XR (AR/VR).

This week, the omnivoid xr landscape was bolstered by the announcement of new immersive technology platforms from big tech firms. These include the PlayStation VR 2, Xiaomi Technology AR Glass Discovery, OPPO Air Glass 2 and ZTE Corporation Nubia Neovision Glass headsets. Additionally, Google unveiled its Metaverse platform and Microsoft launched its Surface Pro 6 with built-in mixed reality capabilities.

This sample contains an XR Origin prefab configured for smooth and grab locomotion as well as a teleportation anchor. It also includes a XR Grab Interactor prefab and an XR Gaze Interactor, both of which are configured to work with the teleportation anchor and XR Origin prefab. A Poke Gesture Detector component and a System Gesture Detector are on the hand tracking GameObjects, which manage the interaction groups by automatically toggling interactors when they detect the appropriate gestures. This XR Interaction Toolkit Starter Assets also contains a set of Presets for behaviors that use input actions to streamline their configuration.

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