March 2, 2024

Pattaya, Bangkok: 3 Days Near Beach-City With Never-Ending Funs

It happens to be a fun-lover’s paradise and receives millions of backpackers annually. A lot many Indians as well backpackers from other Asian countries choose Pattaya for a fun-filled escape round the year.

Well,Guest Posting if you too are planning to visit this lovely coastal city, the following info may help you in better planning of your trip.

Pattaya is a sea-side city, about 150km southeast of Bangkok. The city came into limelight during US-Vietnam War, when the US troops used to come to this coastal region for relax and rejuvenation. It was then a small sleepy village with a few private Bungalows. But today, the city has turned into a world-class beach resorts packed of a range of recreational amenities and splendid tourism attractions. Although the tourism industry here is attempting hard to grab attention of family visitors, the exotic activities with plenty of Go-go bars is main flavor that Pattaya is known for. Even today, most of travel guide books wouldn’t advise a trip to Pattaya for family vacationers, due to the exotic nightlife scenes and influential sex industry.

Among the major attractions of Pattaya are its superbly fun-filled beaches and gorgeous theme parks. A daytrip to the nearby Island groups gives a close touch of nature. Additionally, the city has some heart-winning historical gems like Sanctuary of Truth, Ban Sukhawadee and Wat Yanasangwararam Woramahawihan, which are worth visiting for family travalers. A visit to the Pattaya Elephant Village will make you know almost everything about the giant animal: how to catch wild elephants, elephants-at-work in the jungle and elephants playing football.

For a pleasurable Pattaya tour, you can book among the Thailand tour packages online. Alternatively, customized Bangkok packages with a trip to Pattaya are also available to choose from.

Bangkok in 3 Days!

Though Bangkok has so many attractions that even couple of weeks is not enough to explore them all, you can sample the best of the city in three days. From gleaming Buddha temples to sparkling nightlife and cosmopolitan shopping and superb eating out – there is lot in the city’s cusp to delight each and every traveler. Here is how you can have a wholesome Bangkok tour in just three days.

Start your trip with exploring the city splendid wealth of history. The majestic Grand Palace, Temple of Emerald Buddha and Wat Arun are the places in must visit category. All these places are close to one another can be visited conveniently in a day. You can take a river cruise under the shade of twinkling stars. Book a table to have pleasurable dinner with family or friends.

Plan a Bangkok recreational tour on the second day. It is where you can enjoy a lot of family-friendly activities. Adorable animal shows at Sampran Elephant Zoo, pleasurable strolling in the Safari world and enthralling acts at Crocodile Farm would keep you enchanted all through the day.

Fix your third day to enjoy cosmopolitan flavors of the city. Head to the city shinning shopping malls such as the all-time MBK and fashionable Central World to get your shopping bags full of exquisite items! The traditional markets like the Chatuchak Market and Chinatown Market are also quite pleasurable to shop and dine out. Don’t miss to undergo the traditional Thai massage at any of the spas and massage parlors in the city. Go have pulsating nightlife at the city’s hottest nightlife spots like Patpong, Silom or RCA. 다낭 에코걸 에이전시

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