November 30, 2023

Patterned Kitchen Backsplash Tile Trends for 2022

A patterned kitchen backsplash tile is a great way to add a pop of color and design to any kitchen. And with a variety of options available, including patterned tile, it’s easy to find a look that fits your personal style and budget.

Patterned tiles are an excellent way to add texture and depth to your kitchen, as well as a bit of fun. A variety of different patterns, from chevrons to geometric patterns and more, make this tile idea a great choice for those looking to create an eye-catching accent wall.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

One of the biggest trends in 2022 is the addition of unique shapes to kitchen backsplashes. From hexagons and honeycombs to diamonds and pyramids, there are many geometric tile designs to choose from that can help make your backsplash a focal point.

Use a contrasting material to add depth and contrast to your backsplash, like a marble slab or a glass tile that’s layered in a mosaic. A slender textured ceramic or glass tile works perfectly on the wall below a stove, while a glossy marble backsplash is the perfect choice for an island or other countertop.

This is also an excellent option for those who have a lot of open space above their countertops, or who are planning to do some extra work on the kitchen’s walls. If you’re going to use a thick tile, opt for a matte finish to give the area a sleek appearance.

Another option for a modern look is to use a unique material for your backsplash, such as glass or metal. These materials can be mixed and matched to create a unique backsplash that won’t be found in any other kitchen.

For example, interior designer Danielle Colding used a 12×12 glass tile backsplash to add a hint of glam and a touch of sophistication to this city apartment kitchen. She used it on a wall next to a Smeg refrigerator and a glass-fronted cabinet, and it worked beautifully!

Wood Planks and Long Tiles

If you’re planning to create a farmhouse-style kitchen, consider using long, narrow, rectangular tile pieces. These look great on the wall and can be paired with a gray floor tile to achieve the best effect.

This backsplash is the perfect solution for a kitchen with a rustic feel that features reclaimed wooden fixtures and furnishings. The dark wood planks and the high-shine glass tile combine to offer an elegant look that’s both rustic and contemporary.

To add a unique touch to your kitchen, try an accent wall or a backsplash that’s made with a patterned tile set in a complementary shade. This vibrant teal and white chevron pair makes a stunning accent wall, and they’re also a great choice for a kitchen with a neutral color scheme that needs some pop of personality.

A striped backsplash can add a playful, graphic element to your kitchen and make a bold statement. Whether you go with blue or red, stripes bring in a splash of color that’s sure to complement your decor and pull your entire kitchen together.

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