February 27, 2024

Productive Families in Riyadh

Productive families are a key part of the Saudi economy. They contribute to family income, provide employment opportunities and create a sense of empowerment. They also serve as cultural ambassadors, protecting the art forms, skills and traditions of their communities.

A family is the main unit of society in Saudi Arabia. Parents and elders are highly respected. Children are expected to listen to their parents and respect them, even in adulthood. Young people usually live at home with their parents until they marry or find a job. Children are financially supported by their parents into adulthood and elderly family members are cared for by their extended families.

Marriage is often arranged by family, a matchmaker or a religious authority. In more traditional families, couples may only meet for a few hours before being ‘engaged’. Couples are usually allowed to have a say in whether they want to accept the arrangement. Chastity is considered an essential element of marriage and many women wear a full veil, including the niqab or hijab.

Many of these households produce and sell food products, such as bread and desserts, through social media platforms or traditional markets. Although most of these businesses are regulated, they do not always undergo regular inspections or HACCP compliance. Unlike hotels, which must comply with food safety regulations, these FSEs do not have the same level of regulation and inspections. محل اسر منتجة

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