September 26, 2023

Stylish Ways to Hide Your TV

If your TV isn’t properly hidden, it can detract from the beauty of a room. Fortunately, there are several clever ways to conceal it and redirect the focus of a space—in a stylish way, of course! From sliding art to barn doors and even wall maps, these ingenious options offer up stylish ways to hide your television.

If you’re not ready to commit to a total hiding solution, try to frame the screen in with decor and art. A gallery wall that incorporates the TV in with other pieces looks chic and intentional, and can also help keep the screen from looking too clunky in your space. Alternatively, you can hang a large Asian-inspired screen that can fold back when not in use on your mantle or over a piece of furniture like a console or coffee table. These types of screens are often inexpensive, and can add a stunning decorative element to your space.

Another option is to paint your walls a dark shade, which helps the screen blend into the background when it’s off. Dark colors like black, charcoal, navy, and dark green are trendy shades that will work well in many interior design styles. These shades are a bit more difficult to access than lighter hues, but they can create a more seamless look.

Barn doors are a big trend in farmhouse design, and they can serve as a great way to cover up your TV. Install one on a wall adjacent to the room’s entrance and it will be on-hand when needed, but will disappear into the wall when not in use. This is a fairly simple DIY project that will require you to hang a door over your electronics, but it’s worth it for the dramatic and rustic style.

If you can’t commit to covering your TV completely, but don’t want to keep it on a pedestal, consider installing it in a built-in. A set of shelves or a spacious armoire can serve as the perfect spot to tuck your television away while still offering you easy access to it when it’s time for movie night. These storage-focused designs are a good choice for spaces where you’re comfortable with the TV being on display, but don’t have any space to spare for an entertainment center.

You can also turn your television into a piece of art by installing it within a frame as TheSmartFactor did. This is a fantastic idea for homeowners who love to feature art on their walls, and can help your TV feel less like an electronic device and more like part of the décor.

If you can’t get enough of a particular art print or painting, then you could always mount it on a sliding piece of artwork that allows you to move the frame in front of your TV when you need to watch something on your screen. This style of decor is very popular in modern homes, and you can choose from a variety of beautiful frames that will complement your space perfectly. hidden tv’s

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