March 2, 2024

The Best Places to Buy and Sell Pokemon Cards

The Pokemon Shop is home to an incredible array of merchandise based on the iconic video games. From plush dolls to iPhone cases and Apple Watch bumpers, the range is endless. If you’re looking for something a bit more practical, there are also bags and totes to suit all tastes, as well as stationery and keychains.

Selling Your Cards

One of the best ways to sell your Pokemon cards is online. A number of different sites make it easy to do so, and many will offer a cash or store credit alternative if you’re not satisfied with the amount offered. If you’re not sure how much your Pokemon cards are worth, some sites will even allow you to enter a buylist and check back later to see if the seller is interested.

Card Market

A European site, Card Market makes it super simple to sell your Pokemon cards online. All you need to do is create an account and you’ll be able to quickly enter your cards into a search list that helps you auto-generate the right results. You’ll also be able to easily sort your items by condition and by rarity so that you can find the best deal for your collection.

Full Grip

The website is great for buying single cards, but it also has a fantastic range of sealed card packs for other games such as Magic the Gathering. You can search by set name, type, rarity, energy type, and price to find the perfect pack for you.

Local game stores

While the number of local gaming stores that stock trading card games like Pokemon will depend on your region, you should be able to find some in most places. This is especially true if you’re near a big city, where there are likely to be plenty of shops.

Dave & Adam’s

If you’re in the US, Dave & Adam’s is a great place to sell your Pokemon cards. They buy all sorts of cards, including first editions and rares, and they pay up to 30% of your sale in store credit or a check. They also offer a $25 gift card for sellers who sell over $500.

Cape Fear Games

If you have a large collection of Pokemon cards and want to sell them in bulk, then this is a good place to go. You can submit a buylist to Cape Fear Games, and they’ll email you when they’re interested in buying your items. You’ll then need to package them and ship them to the company.

The best part about the process is that you’ll usually get a higher value for your cards than you would on eBay or other online sites, as these shops don’t have to worry about packaging and shipping. In addition, they’ll often send you a confirmation email once your items are shipped and ready for pickup.

Troll and Toad

A popular trading card site, Troll and Toad has a huge selection of Pokemon cards as well as other cards for a variety of other card games such as Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh. The site has a wide range of new releases for Pokemon and offers a good selection of older classics as well.

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