February 26, 2024

The Best Workout Apps for Your Smartphone

A good workout app can motivate you to exercise and help you meet your fitness goals, whether you’re training for a marathon or just trying to burn a few extra calories. The right sweat-inducing download can offer a variety of classes and exercises, expert instructors, and even options for mindfulness and recovery.

With a few simple downloads, your smartphone can become your most valuable workout accessory. Some of the best workout apps feature trainer demos to walk you through each move and show proper form, while others let you choose classes based on your schedule and fitness level. While some require a monthly subscription, most have free trials so you can try them before committing.

In addition to a great selection of classes, many workout apps also provide options for fitness tracking and monitoring, so you can see your progress over time. For example, Strava is an excellent choice for runners and cyclists, with a range of features including live leaderboards, training zones, and a safety feature that allows you to share your location while running with others.

There are plenty of other useful options, too. For instance, JEFIT offers a wide range of weight-lifting routines for beginners and experts alike, while Alo Yoga is a new option from premium yoga apparel company that offers up a mix of strength, barre, yoga, and meditation classes. Our experts loved its energetic instructors and plethora of classes, which range from five to 150 minutes.

Some apps are designed to work with specific types of equipment, such as Peloton’s bike and treadmills, but the app is useful for anyone who wants a quick cardio or strength workout without having to leave home. With a wide array of options, from strength for runners to resistance band training and Pilates, Peloton’s workout app is top of its class.

Another good option is Beachbody on Demand, which was a favorite during testing for its diverse offerings. It’s easy to filter workouts by type — such as ab and core, HIIT, or yoga and stretching — and equipment. Plus, you can find different programs, like a six-week boot camp or two-month hip hop plan.

Apple’s free workout app, Apple Fitness Plus, is another top choice. Its huge collection of classes includes HIIT, strength, yoga, and stretching routines, all led by expert instructors. Our experts especially liked that you can select workouts based on your goals (such as calorie-burning, distance, or time) and then track your progress over time.

Other apps, such as iCare Fitness and Sworkit, are great choices for anyone who wants to get their sweat on at home without having to invest in a gym membership. Both are free, with iCare Fitness featuring more advanced workouts and Sworkit offering a more flexible selection of strength, cardio, and yoga routines. workout app

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