March 2, 2024

The Rise of the Curly Hair Salon

Finding the right hairdresser is tricky enough, but when you’re rocking curls, that search can be doubly hard. Folks with textured locks often spend years barber-hopping, salon-sampling and suffering through innumerable smile-through-tears moments as new hairdressers ask if they like their fresh ‘do. The good news is that with the rise of the specialised curly hair salon, that can all change.

A true specialist understands that a great cut for textured hair requires a thorough consultation that takes into account the client’s lifestyle, future follicle plans and how much morning fuss they can actually be bothered with. They also prioritise educating their clients, providing knowledge and results that support how they live with their curls. And, more than anything else, they know that great hair doesn’t happen with a quick snip and a bottle of Frizz Ease.

Curly hair specialists, like the aptly named Studio Hi Gorgeous, have a knack for transforming even the most unruly kinks and coils into envy-inducing ringlets. Owner Elise is known as the ‘Curl Queen’ and has a passion for helping her clients embrace their textured locks. This home based studio in Gippsland offers a full range of services that include deep conditioning, education and styling treatments as well as the usual haircuts.

Located in the heart of Prahran, Mousey Brown specialises in a dry cut method that focuses on cutting each curl individually, allowing them to be shaped according to their unique characteristics. The team here are all incredibly knowledgeable and have a passion for making their clients feel valued. They offer a complete range of services including haircuts, colour (including lightening and correcting home colour mistakes), deep conditioning treatments and curl coaching, as well as a variety of salon quality Curly Girl products such as Everescents and Jessicurl. curly hair salon melbourne

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