February 26, 2024

Top 5 Employee Communication Apps

A great best employee communication apps keeps employees connected and engaged in company culture. It helps managers share important information with their teams and provides a platform for constant discussion. Employees who feel well-informed at work outperform those who don’t by up to 77%.

Designed to reach remote and frontline employees, SnapComms’ branded employee app delivers essential content in real time. Its newsfeeds are concise and searchable, and messages are accompanied by reactions and notifications.


Staffbase is an end-to-end internal communications platform that allows leaders and communicators to unite everyone in their organization around shared stories, making information accessible anytime and anywhere. Its user-friendly design lets you create, publish and manage content in one place, while powerful analytics allow you to seize opportunities for truly impactful communication and quantify the results.

This latest version of Staffbase includes a new distribution list functionality that allows you to share content with specific users, and improved search functionality for finding contacts. In addition, administrators can now define a custom profile field to store additional personal data for employees.

This customization is important because it allows you to create a branded app for mobile use and make information more personalized for each employee. Staffbase also offers a variety of plugins that can be used for various purposes, including company news, social walls, local updates, surveys and cafeteria menus. In addition, it integrates with other digital workplace tools.


Unlike Beekeeper, WorkJam’s full digital frontline workplace solution offers complete functionality that includes shift bidding, compliance training and more. Its customizable platform allows businesses to create their own branded mobile app and streamline processes to improve productivity. Additionally, it offers compliance training and certification, ensuring that employees are up to date on company policies.

Designed for frontline workers, Beekeeper connects teams with the people and systems they need to succeed. Its intuitive platform is used by companies in 130 countries, and it helps reduce frontline turnover and upskilling by providing employees with all of their information in one place.

The solution is fully integrated with operational systems and features a dashboard that provides insight into engagement, communication and other important metrics. It also supports multiple languages and allows users to communicate with co-workers across departments and locations using a single tool. Moreover, it helps employers comply with health and safety protocols by enabling them to quickly submit employee vaccination status and other forms online.


Haiilo is a relatively new name in the Employee Advocacy space, but the software under the hood has been battle-tested. They’ve also taken the time to understand how people use their products, with regular and customizable surveys. This enables managers to find out what’s working and what isn’t. It also helps them to improve their product, by ensuring that content is relevant for the workforce.

Haiilo’s platform is equipped with scalable multichannel comms features, social intranet capabilities and analytics tools. It is also fully integrable with Okta, which provides single sign-on and user provisioning capabilities. The company also offers a variety of integrations for other popular workplace apps, including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a workspace that brings together chat, calls, meetings and file sharing. It’s also integrated with Office apps and third-party tools.

It’s available as a desktop app, in a web browser or on mobile devices. The platform offers outbound calling from a PC and allows for videoconferencing with up to 30 people. It can also integrate with on-premise PBX systems.

Last year, Microsoft opened Teams to third-party integrations /. Several providers jumped on board, including ZenDesk, Asana, Polly and CalendarHero. Teams users can access these apps within channels, calendars or during a meeting.

While these features make the platform very attractive to organisations, there’s still a lot more that it can do. For example, training can be delivered on a large scale through Teams with the right learning integrations. Similarly, a company can run its own mentoring scheme on the platform by using Yammer to facilitate discussion. It can even use Excel and Power BI to analyse workplace data, such as diversity metrics.

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