February 26, 2024

Transmission Repair – Fixing a Leaky Oil Pan

Leaks can come from a variety of different sources within the system and eventually lead to some transmission repair. The most common spot for this issue is typically the fluid pan at the bottom. Between the transmission and pan you’ll find a singular gasket. When this piece fails,Guest Posting the system will leak and the gasket will require replacement. If you have a leaky pan, the article below will provide you with a step by step guide to help you address the issue properly.

Things You’ll Need:

Drip Pan
Lint-free Cloth
Rubber Mallet
Pan Gasket
Gasket Sealer
Owner’s Manual
Torque Wrench
Tranny Fluid

Step 1 – The fluid currently in the system will need to be drained. A solitary bolt can be found on the underside of the pan. Position a drip pan beneath the drain bolt, unscrew the bolt using a wrench, and allow the fluid to drain from the pan.

Step 2 – Once all of the fluid has been drained completely, continue your transmission repair by moving the pan out of the way and returning the drain bolt to its original location. Tighten by hand or with the aid of a wrench.

Step 3 – Next, the retaining bolts on the pan must be removed. These can be found around the pan’s outer lip, and can also be removed with the aid of a wrench. If you find difficulty lowering the pan from the system after the bolts have been removed, you can use a rubber mallet to tab the pan gently in hopes of dislodging it. Make sure to keep a steady hand on the pan to support it to ensure that it doesn’t injure you when it comes loose.

Step 4 – The pan’s insides should be cleaned using a lint-free rag. Afterwards, you should be able to peel away the gasket from the pan’s lip. If you run into difficulty, or the gasket only peels away in portions, you can use a straight razor or screwdriver blade to take care of the remaining material. Use caution to ensure that the metal lip is not damaged during this process.

Step 5 – Apply your new gasket to the pan’s lip. There is only one way to apply gaskets: Rotate until a point where each gasket hole lines up with the holes located on the pan’s lip. Take a look at the positioning and put the gasket aside. Next, apply a light layer of sealer to the pan’s lip before lowering the gasket back to the pan. Add a second coating of sealer to the visible gasket side.

Step 6 – The pan should now be placed at the bottom of the transmission before replacing the retaining bolts. A torque wrench can be used to ensure that each bolt is tightened properly. If you are unsure of the correct setting for the transmission, be sure to leaf through the owner’s manual.

Step 7 – Sit back and relax. Your gasket will require at least two hours for the material to set properly. Don’t forget to add new fluid, checking the levels with your dipstick as you refill. Lag Bolt sizes

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