November 30, 2023

veilleuse bébé tortue

Lamp shades can make a lot of difference to how a home looks. It can make or break the beauty of the home. There are mainly to different types of glass shades. One type is made of glass while the other is made of fabric. Both have their own charm and style but today here we will discuss very important styles of the lamp glass shades.

The lamp glass shades seem to be in a lot of demand as they give the home a contemporary as well as a traditional look based on the style that a person selects. Going vintage is no problem as this type can easily help you with that but you also need to know that glass lamp shades are brittle and sometimes they break. There is no cause to be worried as they can be easily replaced.

Here are the different and popular lamp glass globes types

1. Tiffany style lamps: These lamp glass shades are so popular that they have been around for more than a century now. Tiffany is basically stained glass lamps. Louis Tiffany the inventor got together with the inventor of light Thomas Edison to be able to make such brilliant lamps. The shapes and sizes of the lamp are limitless. They are mostly handmade and have various bit o stained glass that make them look amazing. Tiffany lamps are till date one of the most popular styles among lamp glass shades names.

2. Irregular Lower Border Lamp Shades – These are actually types of Tiffany lamp glass shades but with a difference. The difference is that the edges of the lamps are differently placed and may be of different lengths and widths. This is often related to nature. Just as the basic Tiffany, eve this style is very sought after through out the world.

3. Bankers Lamps – As the name suggests these lamps were initially used on the desks of bankers so that they had additional light to be able to count the money. Before the bulb came into existence, this kind of a lamp still existed just that it had candles in it back then. Today these lamps can be used as desks lamps. It is endowed with a characteristic glass shape.

4. Piano Lamps And The Candelabra – Though this lamp looks quite like the bankers lamp, it is not the same. People should not confuse this with the bankers lamp. These lamps were initially used to see the keys of a piano while playing when there was barely any light available. Today these lamps are used as vintage lamps or just show pieces.

5. Frosted lamps – These are beautiful lamp shades breeds which may be plain or sometimes come with some designs on it. The frosting on the glass gives it a very amazing look. These are however not very easily available in physical stores and one may have to hunt for them in online stores. The frosted lamp glass shade is one of the best in the business and will make your house look at its best. veilleuse bébé tortue

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