December 6, 2023

Video Editor SDK

Video Editor SDK is a powerful video editing platform for mobile and desktop applications. It can be easily integrated into your application to enhance user experiences and boost engagement.

Feature packed and stable, Video Editor SDK is built to support the latest GPU technology including iOS/Mac with Metal API, Windows with DirectX12 and Android with OpenGL ES 3.2. It offers all the video editing functions you need, from trimming and resizing to cropping and splitting audio streams.

Awe-inspiring videos can entice buyers and increase conversion rates, average order value and sales. ComVideoKit makes it easy to build compelling product videos with dazzling effects and filters.

Enhance your app’s visual content with a variety of dazzling features and tools like stickers, frames, overlays, and a brush tool. Choose from a plethora of filter options including radial, mirrored or gaussian blur to make your videos stand out.

Customize your own sticker animations and use them to highlight specific areas of your videos to create an impactful, engaging experience for your users. Stickers can also be inserted dynamically into your videos using any data from your app, such as the current date or temperature.

Best of all, Video Editor SDK supports the most common video formats and ratios, including standard social media ones. It comes with preset crop ratios to get you started and a large library of filters to help you craft your video masterpiece.

What’s more, it can be configured to your specific needs based on your video production goals. Besides the obvious functions, Video Editor SDK supports a host of advanced video processing functions including pixelation and chroma keying to ensure the highest quality video possible.

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