November 30, 2023

Visit Maipu and Discover the Soul of Cuyo Region

On the eastern part of the province we can find the department of Maipú, a town that takes visitors through a world of stories, legends and memories. The tourist circuit in Maipú is ideal for those who want to visit and learn all about the wineries. These buildings are an active tribute to the passion of the people in Mendoza, who gathers in Maipú to produce the best wines. Wines with an international prestige are produced right there, in those “bodegas”. There are also businesses led by entire families or with crafty production, where you can discover the mysteries of an ancient art.

In Ozamis and Smith Streets you will get to the former Giol Winery, which was one of the broadest in the world in start of the last century, thanks to the hard work of two pioneers: John Giol and Gargantini Bautista. In Giol winery we can remark its original structure, which represents the typical style of the nineteenth century. A historical barrel awarded when the centenary of the May Revolution was celebrated in Argentina can be seen inside the bodega.

The Museum of Wine and Harvest is located only some meters away from the giol winery. This museum was built in a French architectonic style. In this museum, lots of interesting things are exhibited, such as objects that were used to produce wine, presses, collections of stuff for the transportation of the wine, many wooden vessels and the place where the barrels were made.

Up to the north on Pedro Vazquez Avenue, you will get to López Wineries,worldwide prestigious for its fine and delicious wines. The company was founded in 1886 by José López Rivas, an Andalusia immigrant.

The house of one of the founders of the city is right there, on Vergara St. Nowadays, this building hosts the headquarters of the Historical Museum, where Indian utensils, especially those which belonged to the Huarpes, archaeological pieces and the local history file are carefully preserved.

A visit to Maipú is strongly recommended during your stay at the Diplomatic Hotel. Nothing compares to the mix of nature, history and culture to enjoy your holidays in Cuyo region. Willamette Valley tours

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