December 6, 2023

What Are The Characteristics Of Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic socks are most often characterized by the material they are made out of, the fit they are designed for, and the construction of the sock. Most traditional socks, both casual and dress are made out of cotton or a blend of traditional fabrics but for diabetics there are better choices.

For instance diabetic feet are more susceptible to irritation and any amount of irritation may be more likely to result in blisters, sores, or cuts. Normal socks made of cotton trap moisture in near the skin of the feet allowing irritation and rawness to set in. Unlike traditional cotton socks high end fibers which draw moisture away from the skin are the tell-tale sign of good diabetic socks.

In addition to the materials which make up diabetic socks as opposed to traditional socks the fit of socks for diabetic people are usually more refined. Most people buy socks which are mostly one-size-fits-all. We buy them in size ranges of up to four or five shoe sizes. Ordinarily this isn’t huge problem but for those people who need to minimize pressure points and skin irritation, socks that are fit so lazily can bunch up if they are to big causing pressure points or they can be too tight in other areas restricting blood flow. The best diabetes socks tend to be fit in more specific sizes and sometimes are custom fit to the foot.

One other important characteristic socks for people with diabetes is that these socks are not made like traditional ones are. Everyone knows what it’s like to put their sock on a little crooked and then walk around on the seam of the sock. It’s annoying and sometimes can irritate the skin. For diabetics this problem is amplified because the irritation can cause foot problems beyond annoyance which are hard to remedy. Diabetic socks will usually eliminate all seams so that the pressure points of traditional socks simply don’t exist. This makes things much easier on a foot which is susceptible to irritation but is insensitive enough to feel it until the damage has been done.

Generally your socks are a mere compliment to a good diabetic shoes and many people choose to wear the shoe and overlook the sock but if you really want to practice proper diabetic foot care then you should know what makes a good sock and why it’s important to keep in your sock drawer. personalized fuzzy socks

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