September 26, 2023

What Are ZipIt Zipper Bags?

Origins of ZipIt:

The first model of the ZipIt bags was designed in 2003 by Ishai Halmut, a student at the prestigious Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel. The principles that gave rise to the ZipIt bag were simple: must be constructed of the highest quality, be practical enough to be used throughout the day, appeal to the widest range of fashion conscious consumers, and affordable enough so it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of income or status.

Fast forward to 2010, to discover that over the past seven years ZipIt has sold over 5 million bags to savvy consumers in over 35 countries. ZipIt’s were first commercially introduced during the 2005 Spree Expo in Boston and beat our hundreds of other products to be acclaimed as the “Product of the Year” by industry experts. The bags have gone on to win similar accolades such as “most Innovate Product of the Year” and “Best Product of Show” throughout Europe and the Middle East. Today, ZipIt bags are available in 23 styles and have become a household name to children and adults looking for a trendy bag that can be used for school, work, and play. The goal of ZipIt designers is to create at least one new bag design every quarter.

Why a ZipIt?

So how does a ZipIt work and why is it so unique? Every ZipIt bag arrives as a single strip of high quality zipper made exclusively for our brand and lined with 100% knit polyester. As our products are shipped world wide, this compact design along with our 100% recycled packaging allows ZipIt to remain environmentally conscious and reduces our carbon footprint significantly.

Now all you have to do is grab the Zinc fastener and pull, pull, (and pull a little more depending on the size of your bag) to reveal a quality bag weighing less than 1 pound that can carry up to 75 pounds!

Ingenious, yet simple design of the ZipIt bags allow them to be washed and dried so you never have to hesitate using your bag for a new adventure.

Another contributing factor to selling over 5 million bags worldwide is the affordability of ZipIt’s. Our entire designer bags range from under $10 to just over $65.

ZipIt for any task:

Our extensive line of ZipIt bags means owners no longer have to worry about having to find a bag that matches their outfit or daily activities. Every bag is made of 100% polyester and can be converted to small purses, bags, cases or totes.

• Zipit Womens: ZipIt designers have always been ahead of the fashion / function curve, so it is no surprise our women’s line includes bag sizes from 20 cm to 40 cm allowing the modern women to carry everything they need for the day without sacrificing style or comfort. The couture inspired designs and colors allow the bag to be seamlessly between work, school, and play. The entire line ranges from $20 to $35 dollars.

• ZipIt Kids: Our kid’s line is unisex and designed with 100% safe and quality products which are available in our most vibrant colors. As with all ZipIt bags, there are washable and can be completely unzipped for spot cleaning. Parents and teachers instantly noticed the educational benefits of these bags as it allows kids to use their budding ingenuity and imagination to “build” the bag themselves. The entire line ranges from $8 to $30 and can be accessorized with our exclusive ZipPatch line of fun emblems.

• ZipIt Laptop cases: We currently offer 6 styles of laptop bags ranging from $55 to $70 and can be ordered in one of 18 colors. Our bags are designed for standard laptops sizes of 10.1″ – 15.4″ and in contrast to traditional laptop bags that are heavy and bulky, ZipIt bags can be unzipped for minimal storage. The 100% knitted exterior allows computer bags to more quickly cool down after a full day of work.

• ZipIt Student bags: These are designed and made to conveniently carry your books and laptops during school days, and all your accessories for the weekend. The colors are color fast and can be washed and dried without fading, while the styles were carefully chosen to suit students through primary, secondary, and even collegiate level school. The prices range from $20 – $54 dollars and can be unzipped to store during non-use in tight living quarters.

• Beach and Sports Bag. We’ll give you at least 6 reasons (one for each style we offer) for you not to skip your next workout! Our line of sport bags offer the choice of a single wide strap or double extra long straps to reduce tension when you’re on the go. The extra deep bags allow you to carry your Yoga mat, and a full sized beach towel with room for all your accessories. We have over The ZipIt Cabana offers dual strap design ZipIt bags People who are on the go can buy their ZipIt Zipper Beach or the Sports bag. These bags are very large and are spacious when you carry your stuffs on your vacation.

All ZipIt bags are innovated and designed by young and aspiring designers in tune with daily fashion trends. Our manufacturers are chosen based on complete adherence to international human rights and provide ethical wages and working conditions. Each ZipIt bag is constructed through a 5 stage-process, each supervised by a Quality Assurance supervisor. Each product is shipped unzipped to use the least amount of space and packaged in 100% recycled products. MK satchel bag

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