March 2, 2024

What Does a Phone Answering Service Do?

A phone answering service helps businesses handle after-hours calls or call volume spikes. This is a great option for businesses that can’t always have their on-site staff answer the phones, like retail shops or service companies.

While there are many different types of answering services, most offer similar elements. They are typically staffed by people who are trained to provide A-level customer service. They can take messages, schedule appointments, connect callers with the right representative and more.

Many also give clients access to a portal where they can listen to calls and download reports. This allows clients to keep tabs on how their answering service is performing and what areas may need improvement.

The type of call answering service that a business chooses depends on their needs and what industry they’re in. For example, a medical answering service will likely have RNs on staff to help with complicated calls. Real estate offices, on the other hand, often use an answering service to schedule showings and set up appointments with new buyers.

Call answering services are a great option for business owners who want to reduce interruptions and focus on their work. Studies show that it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus after an interruption, so having a virtual receptionist who can quickly take messages or transfer calls will improve your team’s productivity. Plus, most answering services will integrate their work into your systems so you can track customer interactions and sales data.

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