November 30, 2023

What Is a Plastic Shredder Machine?

A plastic shredder machine reduces large molded pieces of scrap or leftover material into smaller, reusable parts. These machines can be small enough to fit in a recycling facility, or they can occupy large areas of industrial plants where they are capable of producing thousands of kilograms of shredded waste per hour. They may be used to shred wood, paper, and other non-metallic materials for disposal or for processing into recycled raw material. These machines are commonly used in manufacturing processes to repurpose materials that would otherwise be considered hazardous to the environment or to the health and safety of employees.

There are many different terminologies that are utilized to describe size reduction machines such as grinders, granulators, and chippers, but they all serve the same purpose. These machines are all designed to cut or shred materials according to their specific sizes and to the required output. The basic design of these machines consists of a feed zone into which the materials are placed, crushing gears or slicing blades that are attached to a motor, and a chute (for industrial applications) which transports the shredded material into a container for further handling or into another piece of equipment for recycling.

Plastic shredding machines come in two primary designs: single-shaft and dual-shaft models. Single-shaft plastic shredders have square knives that are bolted securely onto a large, closed rotor in a staggered array. When the machine is activated, a hydraulic-assisted drawer pushes materials against the rotor, which then cuts them to the desired size. The resulting pieces are then either ejected from the machine into containers or passed into a screen to be sized further.

Dual-shaft shredders are able to reduce larger sized material due to their ability to have two sets of cutting knives. These are often better suited to industrial applications and can be found in recycling centers or at manufacturing facilities where they are used to shred things like trays, cardboard boxes, and corrugated sheeting. They can also be used to shred materials like rubber, steel, and wood for recycling into landscape mulch and playgrounds.

These types of plastic shredder machines can be powered by either electric or hydraulic drives. Hydraulic drive machines are often best suited for heavy-duty shredding tasks that require high power, such as the reduction of tires or other large, bulky materials. They are also well suited to industrial applications where the machines will be subjected to frequent overloading from batch feeding.

Using the right type of plastic shredder can make the process of reprocessing production waste much easier and more efficient. Industrial WEIMA plastic shredders offer a wide range of different rotor geometries and cutters, so that they can be used to process all kinds of thermoplastics and even some thermosets. Even large-caliber PE plastic pipes, big stacks of plastic films, and start-up lumps from production can be shredded efficiently in these systems. This allows you to save on high raw material costs, shorten delivery times, and avoid expensive disposal in external recycling plants. plastic shredder machine

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