March 2, 2024

What is Family Mediation?

Family mediation is a facilitated discussion between you and your former partner about specific issues in your case, such as finances, parenting arrangements or property matters. The discussion is led by a professionally trained mediator who can help you find a solution that suits your family’s situation. During the process, you can meet face to face or online and you can have your own lawyer present or not.

Unlike litigation, the process is much less stressful and considerably quicker. It also costs far less. The main advantage of mediation is that it allows you to create solutions that work for your particular circumstances. You are more likely to stick to a resolution that you have helped to create rather than having one imposed on you by a judge, so it is a very effective and cost-efficient option.

As well as being a much cheaper alternative to court, mediation is often less distressing for all parties involved, especially children. It can also preserve, and sometimes improve, relationships between the parties. It is more flexible than having a Judge decide the outcome of your dispute and can accommodate different lifestyles, changes to children’s circumstances and future plans for families.

During the process, you are encouraged to discuss your concerns, needs and proposals in detail, which gives you greater control over the result of your case. In addition, unlike a trial, mediation can be finished within a day or in sessions over an agreed period of time, to suit your schedule and budget.

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